Website Redesign

A Website For Evolution

My Role
Software Developer
Technical Consultant
October 2021 to Ongoing

With this project, I had the pleasure of working with Marga Laube of Ashland, OR.  She's a brilliant counseling astrologer, as well as a storyteller, media publisher, filmmaker, and entrepreneur.  Additionally, this project was another collaboration with the talented John Higley of Higley Design.

The Challenge

Finding the right platform for Marga’s products and services took quite a bit of brainstorming, along with some trial and error.  And her situation isn’t uncommon.  While CMS and e-commerce platforms provide a ton of built-in functionality, they can’t meet everyone’s needs.  And many niche solutions are costly.  Together, we arrived at a combination of platforms and integrations that work for the many facets of her business.  

The Initial Launch

In December of 2021 we launched the main website for Marga’s offerings on the Shopify platform:  The audio & class components will launch in early 2022.

This project is a wonderful example of how you can leverage Shopify’s theme capabilities to create beautiful, manageable content.  Each page is configurable via the Shopify Admin, with the ability to maintain pages without the assistance of a developer.  Check it out!