Website Redesign

Fresh New Website for Medford Parks & Rec

My Role
Software Developer
April 2020

A great example of an on-brand WordPress theme.

‍Pre-built themes are notorious for looking like a template.  There's usually not much done to a theme besides changing the logo and adding copy.  It feels off because it’s not cohesive.  It’s like dropping your logo into someone else’s brand.  Like putting Nike into Kellogs - it just doesn’t work.

A brand is more than a logo.  A brand has a tone, a voice, and makes you feel a certain way.  From typography to colors and imagery, it needs to be consistent.

Themes are just a “head start.”

Why purchase a theme?  Because it can save you thousands of dollars!  But it’s rare that a theme will work for your brand as-is.  

For the Medford Parks & Recreation foundation, I spent some time familiarizing with their style guide and brand guidelines.  I researched to find themes that would give us a good head start, and supplied these as options to the client.  Here’s what I looked for:

  • Performance - a theme without bloat that will improve SEO and the user experience
  • Good Mobile Experience - a must in 2021! But some themes fall short when it comes to responsive design.
  • Template Layout - structure to support brand elements like the logo and images.  
  • Elements - reusable elements that either fit with the brand identity or can easily be modified
  • Page Layouts - industry specific themes will include pre-built page layouts (like about pages with a team or an events page)
  • Good CTAs (Call to Action) - every page on a website should have a clear CTA.  
  • Pre-built Functionality - functionality, like a donation widget, saves time and ultimately reduces cost.

From starting-point to seamless.

Once the theme is selected, the work begins!  I install the proper fonts, colors, brand images, and customize until it feels seamless.  I integrate copy and photos into the pages, with attention to SEO and readability.  There’s client feedback and tiny revisions until it’s just right.  And then we launch!

The result: a fresh, modern website redesign.

And without further ado, the before and after...

The Before

The previous website was built over a decade ago.  The old website was mostly informational, and didn't include much imagery reflecting the amazing work that Medford Parks and recreation does for the community. The call-to-actions, while present, didn't stand out.

Medford Parks & Recreation Foundation - Before
The Old Medford Parks & Recreation Foundation Website

The After

The brand redesign was put together by DuoMythDesigns, complete with a style guide and brand guidelines.  The new tone is playful and bright for the
broader community voice, and rich and inspiring for the individual donor voice. The donate call-to-action stands out not only in the header, but is also present on the footer of nearly every page.

Medford Parks & Recreation Foundation - After Redesign
The Shiny New Medford Parks & Recreation Foundation Website

To see it in action, visit Medford Parks & Recreation Foundation.