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High-Priority Improvements for a Custom Web Application

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Software Developer
December 2020

Custom Development Project for V3Connect

V3Connect is a really cool platform based out of Southern Oregon, specializing in connecting businesses and organizations with vetted, reliable products and services.  I’ve enjoyed being a perks member of V3Connect, as well as getting to know Dave, the owner of the V3Connect platform and V3 Consulting Services.  When Dave wanted me to dive into some high-priority improvements for his custom platform, I was excited about the opportunity.  

Getting to Know the V3Connect Platform

As a developer, stepping into a large custom project and getting your head around it is a skill in itself - one that I’ve developed from years of working in codebases of all shapes, sizes, and languages.  It’s like a game or a puzzle, and I come at the application’s functionality from a number of angles until I understand the architecture and patterns.  It can also be a little scary because you never know what you’re going to get with a custom project!  As they say, there’s more than one way to skin a cat, and this is especially true for software development.  Fortunately, the V3Connect project turned out to be a lot of fun!  

Queue the Improvements…

One of the largest tasks of this project was familiarization with the project.  But once I had my head around it, it was full steam ahead with some high-priority improvements.  One of my first tasks was to mod the project to support “subcategories.”  Members of the platform are assigned a unique category like “Graphic Design” or “Branding,” but there needed to be a way to show these members together in a top-level category like “Creative.”  

To accomplish this, I created a parent category relationship in the database and added the ability to create the mappings to the admin dashboard.  To save the client time, I also created a deployment script to create the mappings in the database.  After that, I modified the query for the front-end category pages to include members from subcategories. Done!

Looking Forward to More!

One of the best parts of working on a custom web application is the change of pace.   Things like Custom WordPress Themes are fun to work on, but it’s easy to get in a “comfort zone” once you get really good at it.  The challenge of figuring out how to implement something new, or new to a system, is where it’s at!

Check Out The Platform

If you’re interested in V3Connect you can check it out here.