Website Redesign

Website Refresh for Collaborative Publishing Solutions

My Role
Software Developer
Project Manager
Dec 2020 -Jan 2021

Taking a website from "cluttered" to clean and cohesive.

I’ve had such a great time working as a project manager and digital coordinator for Collaborative Publishing Solutions (CPS).  Char Hodel, owner at CPS, put together an amazing, talented team that’s a joy to work with.  When I had the opportunity to start fresh and make-over the Collaborative Publishing Solutions Website, naturally I was excited.  

There’s always something about renovations / make-overs / redesign that appeals to me.  Sure, starting a new website for a new brand is fun.  But taking something and improving it is SO satisfying.  

A satisfying transformation.

One of my goals for this new website was brand cohesion.  It’s amazing how much just matching the colors and typography in a brand’s logo can accomplish!  Another goal I had was consistency.  Page layouts, content blocks, buttons, headings, and paragraph styles are all consistent throughout the website.  

The Before

The layout of the old website had issues with difficult-to-read text, generic stock images, along with colors and fonts inconsistent with the brand.

Before the Resdesign
The old website - before redesign

The After

For this redesign I focused on performance and cohesion. I ensured the typography and colors matched the logo, and pulled images that reflected the Collaborative publishing solutions organization.

The New Website
The new website - after redesign

A custom theme built for performance.

Instead of using a pre-made WordPress theme, I started with a clean, bare-bones, modern starter theme from Underscores.  I chose to use underscores because it gave me all the functionality I needed to get started, without any bloat.  I then brought in a light-weight, modern responsive framework called Bulma.  

This “need for speed,” is important for a website hosted on a typical WordPress hosting plan.  When you go to a website in your browser, a few things happen behind the scenes:

  • A request is sent to a server (where your website is hosted)
  • The server sends a response, which is essentially “blueprints” for your browser to load up the website
  • Your web browser loads up the site, and this is what you see

If your server response time is a little slow (because you opted for a budget hosting plan, like most people), you can make up for it by making those “blueprints” smaller.  This is why a lot of WordPress sites are slow to load - their “blueprints” are huge!  Your browser has to process all that and render it.  By choosing a lightweight starter theme and responsive framework, the Collaborative Publishing Solution’s Website loads up quickly.

Ready to Check Out the Website?

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